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Respondents make an in-app purchase to progress in game.
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How much time are gamers spending on mobile? What is their perception and behaviour?
How many men and women in the audience are passionate gamers? You’ll learn about how gamer behaviour shifted in recent times, with insights into the factors that helped shape the e-gaming industry.

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    Online gaming is entering an evolutionary phase
    in India - ZEE5 Intelligence Monitor
    It is no secret that the lockdown resulted in a significant increase in the time spent on mobile phones among most users across age groups, genders, and geographies. Both for work as well as personal use, and with restrictions on physical movement, mobiles emerged as the primary medium for entertainment and socialising. And online gaming offers both.
    ZEE5 Intelligence Monitor | E-Gaming Insights &
    Trends Report in association with ET Brand Equity

    Watch the stalwarts of e-gaming industry gauge the habits and preferences of consumers, their consumption patterns, and trends. Join Shivanandan Pare, CEO, Gaussian Network; Harish Rawat, Senior Vice President Marketing, Gameskraft Technologies; Vatsal Shah, Head of Digital Marketing, Games24x7; and Rajiv Bakshi, COO – Revenue, ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Limited, with Satrajit Sen, Head – Product & Community, ET Brand Equity.