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Mar 17th

EdTech companies can bridge the aspiration and accessibility chasm

Mar 17th

EdTech companies can bridge the aspiration and accessibility chasm

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The transformation of India’s education sector began 5-6 years ago with the emergence of EdTech as a supplementary service for schooling. However, as physical classrooms became out of bounds early last year, e-learning became a defacto mode for education. And as our ZEE5 Media Intelligence report on India’s EdTech market revealed, this has led to the mainstreaming of EdTech.

Before we get to the specifics of what the survey revealed, it is important for us to look at education through the lens of parents who are also the primary payers in the segment. When it comes to children and education, the aspirations of parents today are the same across India. From Mumbai to Madhubani, parents want the best education for a better future for their children.

As the pandemic unfolded, EdTech companies complemented the offine education sector adapt to the evolving situation. This also led to significant changes in the way users (parents and students) perceive and consume education. This has huge implications for the growing EdTech sector, from a business and growth perspective.

To gauge the changes related to e-learning, we at Zee5 conducted a survey among a diverse group of audiences from across demographics and geographies. The findings of the survey revealed key actionable insights, especially for brand marketers and advertisers.

Some of the key findings include:

  • 46% parents considered e-learning apps for their children during the pandemic
  • 55% millennial parents adopted e-learning apps for their children
  • 47% parents believe that e-learning has amplified their child’s academic progress
  • 50% parents think e-learning will become a permanent part of education
  • 63% parents don’t consider the cost of e-learning apps as a limiting factor
  • 40% parents consider Internet connectivity as a barrier to effective learning

There is no doubt that EdTech has improved access to quality teaching material and teachers. And, while barriers such as broadband and connectivity need to be overcome, EdTech has the potential to help realise the aspirations of millions of education consumers and customers across the country. Yet, there is some way to go.

A systemic transformation is always a process and never an event. And while an event may catalyse change, the imperative is always on the supply side to understand the changing habits and preferences of users, and to cater to their needs and wants. With the ZEE5 Intelligence Monitor report, we bring those specific insights that are driving change and shaping the future of the EdTech sector and the new Hybrid model of education.


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