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Sep 7th

Quick Delivery Services broadening Indian digital marketplace

Sep 7th

Quick Delivery Services broadening Indian digital marketplace

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Quick Delivery Services broadening Indian digital marketplace
The democratic growth of Internet and digital ecosystems in India combined with new societal behaviours and openness to experimentation at scale has transformed the Indian consumer. The phenomenal penetration of Quick Delivery Services (QDS) or quick commerce players is another game changing growth story. The convenience of getting a wide range of household and daily essentials delivered to the doorstep in less than 10-15 minutes is expected to trigger a new wave of change. ZEE5 Intelligence Monitor on QDS reveals this massive movement across India. QDS apps have become an integral part of consumers’ lives. According to the research, 66% audience use multiple QDS apps every week. Furthermore, convenience and ease of use ranks as the primary motivation for turning to QDS apps for half of the consumers. With 62% of respondents using QDS apps to order everyday food items, it’s evident that these platforms have broken through the toughest bastion and are now truly a part of our daily lives.

Time conscious consumer
It is a well-documented that Indians are value-conscious consumers, but the shift to Indians being timeconscious consumers seems to have slipped under the radar. With the smartphone and digital revolution, consumers are attaching more premium to time efficiency and are willing to pay for services that aid that goal. One such task is shopping for edibles and household essentials. Groceries and staples have been homedelivered for decades. However, going out to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables and meats was and remains a time-consuming chore, perhaps gratifying to a few. QDS players, with their sourcing, supply chain, and delivery infrastructure, have effectively solved that forever.

Empowered women consumer
Women are amazing at multitasking, especially the modern day working women who juggles between household and family chores and professional responsibilities. The ZEE5 Intelligence Monitor on QDS report reveals that 66% of women use QDS apps to manage household shopping for edibles and food items, with 54% engaging on a weekly basis. This trend is further underscored by the fact that 66% of women use QDS apps to order food items. These statistics highlight how QDS apps have not only addressed convenience but have also become vital enablers for women users who seek to manage their time efficiently. Combined with the ease of doorstep return and effortless exchange, QDS apps allow women to effectively automate a vital task, and with assured quality.

Popularity in tier 2 cities
Interestingly, non-metro consumers are displaying a substantial appetite for QDS apps. A remarkable 79% of non-metro respondents have tried QDS apps, with 61% of them becoming regular users. This data erases the notion that QDS services are limited to urban markets, clearly demonstrating their widespread appeal and another impetus of India’s digital growth story.

Single living phenomenon
We have all witnessed the great shift from joint families to nuclear set-ups. Today, we are witnessing the emergence of the single and independent living, especially in the big cities. The young professional students and executives, even when living with friends or flatmates, are fiercely independent in both spirit and form. This reflects in their lifestyle as well as the ‘what, why, and how’ of their shopping habits. From milk, bread, and eggs every morning to snacks for the Friday evening party, QDS apps help young and individual consumers manage it all without any dependency. Additionally, the QDS platforms’ exciting offers and financial discounts syncs well with this cohort’s mindset.

QDS apps emerge as reliable partners, particularly during medical crises
Consumer trust in QDS apps is another significant aspect that emerges from the survey. The ability to provide anytime exchange from home is particularly valued, as 40% of users consider any-time delivery of QDS apps, especially during emergencies. This sentiment aligns with the broader trend of 38% of users finding comfort in shopping some items from the “privacy” of their homes.

Pick-and-drop services emerge as a catalyst for small businesses
The pick-and-drop services for documents have emerged as a catalyst for small businesses within the QDS ecosystem. The delivery of parcels within the city is the third most popular category in terms of consumer engagement. Approximately 44% of consumers utilize QDS apps for picking up and dropping packages within the city. This engagement signifies the potential for QDS platforms to not only serve consumers but also support local businesses and small enterprises by providing efficient logistics infrastructure.

The changing face of Indian consumer retail
As the survey data underscores, QDS apps hold the potential to evolve into a one-stop shop for customers. With a notable 78% of respondents trying a QDS app and 56% of respondents displaying high loyalty, this transformation indicates the ongoing evolution of the Indian consumer and the innovative ways in which businesses are adapting to their changing needs, reshaping the retail landscape.


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