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Jul 29th

Enhance engagement with ZEE5 Ads’ content marketing tool – Ampli5

Jul 29th

Enhance engagement with ZEE5 Ads’ content marketing tool – Ampli5

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As television campaigns, product launches and ad film shoots were put on hold, brands turned to influencers to stay connected with consumers.

BFSI companies, health and hygiene brands, sportswear brands and electronic brands started roping in influencers, who are adept at making videos with minimal equipment, to remain relevant to home-bound consumers.

The rise in time spent online during this period is making a strong case for Influencer Marketing. A recent study conducted by Broadcast Audience Research Council India and Nielsen India stated that there has been a 44% increase in time spent on social media in the week of March 28 – April 3. The study also stated that people are spending about four hours and 39 minutes per week on social networking apps on their smartphones.

Brands have been shifting their budgets towards influencer marketing to reach relevant audiences. In 2020, brands are expected to commit as high as 72% of their digital marketing budgets to influencer activity. ZEE5’s extensive influencer ecosystem provides brands with the opportunity to reach out to millions across the country with a unique mix of preferences.


As the world prepares to embrace new technology, ZEE5 Ads is committed to offering cutting edge products and solutions. India’s largest ConTech brand, ZEE5 is acting as the enabler to help brands leverage the power of storytelling through their influencer tool Ampli5 which is a part of ZEE5 Ads.

With Ampli5, brands have the opportunity to collaborate with regional and national influencers and partner on editorial content to boost brand perception and make it relatable. ZEE5 Ads is committed to investing in the latest and relevant ad technology to provide advertisers with the best ad solutions needed for building brands and reaching their target audience in the most cost-efficient manner and in a brand safe environment.

Ampli5 can amplify your message with the best suited creative thought delivered by the most effective influencer to the right kind of audience. This is the power of ZEE’s characters. Fans connect with both on and off-screen personas of celebrities. Brands can leverage on this emotional connect by tapping into these cultural codes via our relevant influencers that enable brands to deliver a richer content experience. Ampli5, as the name suggests will build credibility and trust, reach focused and relevant audience, help brands gain higher ROI, save time to start influencer-based campaigns and help achieve higher viewability in a brand safe environment.

Brands that experienced the power of ZEE5’s influencer ecosystem through Ampli5

Brand: Swiggy Objective: Amplify their new proposition of ‘Thoda Ghar Pe Banao, Thoda Swiggy Pe Mangao’ Action: Ampli5 hyper localized the campaign message through ZEE5’s influencers to reach the brand’s TG and priority markets for maintaining a positive brand image. Result: The campaign achieved 18.3 million impressions, 0.58% CTR and 82.58% VTR Brand: Dabur Honey Objective: To create an exclusive chat show ‘Dabur Honey Hello Fitness’ to motivate and encourage India to be proactive about their fitness and overall well-being. Action: A home-shot web series with renowned celebrities where they talk about their fitness mantras and how honey played a part in their fitness journey. Kapil Ohri, Head, Digital Marketing, Dabur India said, “our objective was to build awareness about overall Fitness and Wellbeing in the day-to-day lives of people. While most of the networks were not able to create any fresh content, ZEE5 worked with us closely on this concept to create a home-shot Web Series with renowned celebrities. In the Web Series “Dabur Honey Hello Fitness” celebs talk about their fitness mantras and mention how honey has played a part in their fitness journey. The brand integrations in the show have been very seamless and ZEE5 helped us engage with our audience effectively through their promotional plans. “

Several other large-sized MNCs and blue-chip companies have utilised the Ampli5 tool, including Crizal, HP, Kinder Joy, Ching’s Secret, among others. Content marketing leaders out there can boost conversations with their core audience and expect a year-on-year growth of 7.8x with Ampli5. With a reach of 76.4 million, 6x to 8x higher direct response rate, 8 to 10 percent average CTR, ZEE5’s Ampli5 is not just delivering 360-degree value to brands and their users in India, but is slowly becoming the preferred choice of brands as 89% of brands prefer Ampli5 over regular marketing.


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