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Aug 20th

Keeping audiences engaged in changing times

Aug 20th

Keeping audiences engaged in changing times

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ConTech.Ed – A Knowledge Series by ZEE5, highlights key trends in entertainment, media and advertising industry. Each topic is addressed by a domain expert who shares insights into the industry and ZEE5.

Engaging customers a priority in continuously evolving times

AThe OTT market has recently witnessed a significant boom as viewers search for a daily dose of entertainment to ensure their stay at home does not become mundane. OTT providers are bestowed with the task of understanding viewers’ psychology and present interesting storytelling to ensure their audience stays engaged and satisfied.

Aparna Acharekar, Programing Head, ZEE5, leads the content team for the platform and has been associated with ZEE group since 2006. With an overall experience as a content professional for about 2 decades which includes areas like OTT, web, applications and print media, Aparna has been a part of the core team driving ZEE’s digital businesses worldwide since 2008 and the team that introduces content monetization through YouTube and Self-Operated Digital platforms in the Indian Broadcast space.

With expertise in the digital world and being a content aficionado, Aparna discusses the chance for brands and businesses to leverage content and place themselves in front of a wider audience. She also speaks on how brands can effectively partner in content to stay relevant along with the steps and initiates taken by ZEE5 to keep its audience engaged.

“Digital in some way or the other has started becoming a part of everyones lives” says Aparna. She also adds “We went from digital first to digital must. In that sense what demonetization did to digital wallets, COVID did to OTT’s. Whoever had internet on their phone and used WhatsApp or Facebook casually, started consuming content on OTT a little more than others”. This remarkable shift in consumer behaviour has led to OTT players offering a wide diversity of content while creating an immersive and engaging experience for consumers.

According to a report by EY and FICCI, the OTT sector in India is expected to hit ₹24 billion by 2021. As the OTT sector keeps getting bigger, players are increasing focus on driving engagement through collaborations and partnerships. The rapidly growing market asks for content to be delivered consistently. This is a huge window of opportunity to offer content that is relevant and engaging, by analysing what consumers desire.

Know more on how engaging and interesting content can be delivered consistently in this session with Archana Acharekar.


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