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May 28th


May 28th


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With people staying home due to the lockdown, consumption of OTT content in particular, has seen a considerable growth. Primarily, people choose these platforms for their daily dose of entertainment.

A COVID-19 report by Nielsen states that the time spent on smartphones in the first week of COVID increased by an average of 1.5 hours. With people staying at home and not having an opportunity to step out, binge-watching has become the new normal.

For children too, technology today plays a much bigger role than it has ever done before. From toddlers to 16-year-olds, the average time spent by kids watching videos online has grown 4X since 2015. Technology and entertainment take up a significant chunk of time in a day for kids across all age-groups.

We all know that the internet has its pitfalls, in terms of safety. Some of the content available online, proves to be worrisome for the parents. While they want their kids to be exposed to new things, they are more concerned about exposing them to the right things.

It’s also true that today’s kids mature quickly. They talk and act like adults because of the kind of content they are exposed to online. Taking these factors into consideration, ZEE5 Kids was launched; where the aim was to help kids preserve their innocence, while educating them.

Why is ZEE5 Kids your go-to platform?

Unlike a lot of other OTT platforms, ZEE5 Kids offers content that is tailor-made for children. ZEE5 has 4000+ hours of kids’ videos, animated movies, cartoons, learning based videos, and much more in six different languages. All our offerings provide a safe and secure environment for kids which ensures that the parents stay stress-free.

Entertainment and education both have been given equal importance. From cartoons like Chhota Bheem to learning nursery rhymes and DIY projects, ZEE5 Kids acts as an infotainment platform where children create, contribute and consume every day.

Why advertisers love Kids’ OTT?

While ZEE5 Kids is meant to permeate the ecosystem of kids, this platform primarily focuses on reassuring parents to buy into this module, as they are the ones with primary access to a child’s wants and needs. This is a platform that pushes for curation, contribution, consumption and creation of content for kids. It makes for a perfect scenario for embedded advertising, where a brand can seamlessly touch the lives of children and parents alike while enriching their lives.

With the tools in ZEE5’s AdSuite like AdVault, your brand can launch campaigns with absolute visibility where you can track the metrics of reach and engagement. You can also choose to give your brand that extra elevation by associating with ZEE5’s circle of content-based influencers with an innovative tool called Ampli5. Hence, ZEE5 holds the key to make you a market leader in the world of Kids OTT ecosystem.


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