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May 20th


May 20th


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Today, we have online fantasy games for different age groups. Brands have started using gamification methods to enhance brand engagements, and to amplify their market growth.

Gamification uses a goal, score, and reward system to keep the users entertained. With consumers spending more time on different platforms, gamification has helped brands increase their engagements and attain new customers.

ZEE5 is all set to launch ZEE5 Super Family League, a gaming experience for all fiction soap viewers. The main objective is to bring the GEC audience, especially the women, to their most favourite ZEE TV characters in an innovative manner.

How does the mechanism of ZEE5 Super Family League work?

Viewers create their own ‘Super Family’ by picking their favourite characters across categories like saas, bahu, beta etc. The players can bet on how the chosen character will act out in the forthcoming episode and get a chance to win smartphones, car, gift vouchers etc. The users can modify their families on an everyday basis and better their scores. With each new level they will also get access to unique boosts that will propel them to the next hurdle.

ZEE5 has brought all the popular characters from all of ZEE’s soaps on board, to allow viewers across the country to be a part of this. ZEE5 Super Family League is India’s first one-of-its-kind Hindi GEC game which will bring people across India to compete against each other. With people spending more time on the internet, many fantasy leagues have been widely accepted by people. Over the years, there has been a huge growth in the audience of these online fantasy leagues. Being ahead of your competitors and keeping up with the scores are some of the reasons why people stay glued to these leagues. Here’s a simple tutorial video with instructions and guidelines on how to play the game and break records as the game progresses.

How is this game an ideal platform for you to advertise?

ZEE5 Super Family League comes with one of a kind sponsor integration programmes in the app. Advertising via in-game display banners, game boosters, gratifications etc.

These advertising platforms are woven into the game in a way that is tailor made for the need of the brand. Whether it’s the customizable ad formats of AdVault, influencer and story marketing with Ampli5 or the interactive gamified experiences of Play5, your brand can choose from an exhaustive list of ad formats to shine through the clutter.

ZEE5 Super Family League is for everyone

The world around us has evolved. Today women and men spend equal hours at workplaces and both of them have a role to play when it comes to duties at home.

Men and women love watching shows and movies on OTT platforms. Most of them fill up their commute, to and from work by watching movies or breaking records on online games. Therefore a game like ZEE5 Super Family League simply takes the best of both worlds and while the various loved shows and celebrities draw their attention, the game further involves them into making them a part of their favourite characters’ lives and ‘predicting’ the future of their stories. An immersive experience of a whole new kind.

A glimpse into the ZEE5 Super Family League Lite

In current scenario of country lockdown, where no new shows are being produced, ZEE5 has launched a short pre-cursor – Countdown to ZEE5 Super Family League, where audience can answer daily 5 trivia question to win big from daily quiz participation. Launched on 15th April, the gamification is bound to keep viewers engaged on their favourite shows and exclusive content made available on the platform. This should certainly create a strong fandom among users before the ZEE5 Super Family League commences, and takes the nation by storm!

What’s your takeaway from a platform like ZEE5 Super Family League?

ZEE5 Super Family League has a potential reach of 100 million viewers, which means partnering with ZEE5 will increase your brand visibility. With women being our primary target audience, advertisers can make the most of this opportunity by being a part of the game integrations.

ZEE5 has a unique ecosystem when it comes to advertising. Its core pillars comprise of data, content and technology. These allow our products like ZEE5 Super Family League, to utilize measurable tools for precise targeting and seamless consumer experiences. This intricate balance of data and content ensures a safe space, monetarily and experientially, for every brand partner. If you want the best of influencer marketing, rich ad inventories and hyper personalized marketing, advertise with ZEE5 via any of our services – AdVault, Play5, Infonomix, Ampli5 and Wishbox.


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