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Apr 27th

Tap into minds of future while you reach out to the mothers

Apr 27th

Tap into minds of future while you reach out to the mothers

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Over the past few years, online media has overtaken traditional media as people spend most of their time on their smartphones and laptops. The current generation of kids are born in the digital era and are heavily exposed to digital content.

Indian kids across age groups today spend most of their time online. Average time spent by kids consuming information digitally has grown 4 times since 2015, which means kids are exposed to way too much online content from a very young age.

While parents worry about their kids being exposed to content inappropriate for their age, ZEE5 has launched ZEE5 Kids – an entertainment platform exclusively for children of all age groups. With over 4000+ hours of kids shows, movies, learning based videos, nursery rhymes and a lot more across 6 languages, ZEE5 Kids act as an unmatched infotainment platform. From toddlers to 16-year olds, ZEE5 Kids has something for everyone.

From entertainment content like Chhota Bheem to educational content, ZEE5 Kids offers the right balance between the two. The entertainment category mainly consists of cartoons and animated movies, while the educational content includes videos on general knowledge and learning tutorials. It is a platform that lets children learn new things while having a lot of fun. Videos on DIY art and craft, and nursery rhymes help children acquire and develop new skills quickly. ZEE5 Kids is the one-stop destination for kids’ entertainment as well as education.

Reach out to your Target Audience

Children see their parents as superheroes. Parents want to be involved with everything their kids are a part of. They sit with them while they study, play with them and try to be involved in most of their daily activities.

Young mothers contribute to a large part of the audience who watch their favourite shows on OTT platforms. Working women and housewives can catch-up on their regular content whenever they want to because of OTT platforms like ours. While kids spend a lot of time watching online videos, young mothers also end up spending a lot of their time along with their kids watching the same things. While every parent wants their kid to get the right kind of exposure, the kind of content available online gets them worried. Continuous updates about what’s happening around is a major reason why people are always glued to their devices. With the spike in internet availability, people are hooked to web-series and movies streaming on OTT platforms. These platforms also have content that’s inappropriate for children and that’s where we at ZEE5 Kids, ensure that they are always exposed to safe content.

ZEE5 Kids acts as a safe haven for kids by ensuring that all the content streamed on our app is kid-friendly. With a library of shows, cartoons and movies in multiple languages and an interface for simple navigation, ZEE5 Kids helps in contributing towards the growth of children by providing them with content rich in both information and entertainment, and by letting kids be kids.

Advertise with ZEE5 AdSuite

As mothers and their kids spend more time on ZEE5, AdSuite, a one-stop destination for advertising provides multiple options to engage with consumers. While an Advault helps you engage through display and video ads delivering campaigns with measurable KPIs such CPM & CPV, while an Ampli5 helps you turn content characters into your brand ambassadors to boost your brand perception.

Hit the bull’s-eye

With OTT platforms playing a major role in people’s lives, brands advertising on these platforms by targeting the right audience can expand market growth and brand awareness. It’s a great opportunity for your brand to reach out to your desired consumers and by availing access to your audience and the kind of content they are consuming. ZEE5 Kids will provide you with the ad solutions that will shoot up your brand reach and create awareness among your consumers. The platform provides a dynamic environment to boost your brand’s performance and help you target your audience precisely to deliver measurable results for your brand.


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