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Apr 20th

Streaming ZEE5 in the times of COVID-19

Apr 20th

Streaming ZEE5 in the times of COVID-19

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Over the past few years, there has been a rapid growth of users on all OTT platforms as digital content is more mobile and consumer specific. This has in turn given brands a new platform to advertise on. These OTT platforms are tailor made to the exact audience needs and hence, helps brands to reach out to their desired psychographic segment.

Thereby, benefiting in their market growth. Recently, the advent COVID-19 has turned around most of our lives. To add to the phenomena, the national lockdown for 40 days has led to a 90% drop in traffic, shut down of recreational centres or mass gathering. This in turn has people spend most of their time on their smartphones, laptops, tabs and smart televisions.

As per a recent report by Nielsen it shows that a pandemic has led to massive surge in internet traffic. Since the announcement of the lockdown, consumers have had to change their lifestyles significantly as social distancing, working from home and closed schools started to disrupt daily routines.

With a lot of time in hand people spend a significant amount of time on their smartphone. During the quarantine the viewership of online content has spiked from 23.6 to 25 hours in a week. It was also noticed that the new user base grew in the first week of COVID-19. With everything being shut and no newspapers in sight, people are relying on the internet for everything. From the latest update on the pandemic to buying essentials.

Life is online now. ZEE5, India’s Entertainment Super-app not only has a vast archive of entertainment based content, it also hosts multiple news channels. Keeping everyone on their toes about the current happenings.

With the viewership in OTT platforms shooting up, brands prefer advertising digitally.

At ZEE5, we ensure all our advertisers are provided with AdTech solutions to market themselves better. From brands like Amul to Toyota, we have a roster of popular brands associating with us to build a sound online presence.

Living up to our customers’ expectation during COVID-19

While the offices are empty and the roads are free from traffic, the homes are full and the broadband’s crowded. It has been observed by us that there was a rapid growth in the Monthly Active Users and Daily active Users by 22% and 15% respectively in March compared to the month before.

Staying at home has got families binge watching together. From smartphones to smart TVs, movies and series are being watched by families together during quarantine.

We have made all premium, new content free for our consumers, so that they stay entertained during this moment of crisis. Along with 8 original web series with multiple seasons and blockbuster Hindi movies, we have made space for Korean movies too. Most of our originals have an amazing star cast, which gives another big reason for our users to stay glued to their devices.

From news to original contents, we have observed a 60% surge in news viewership during quarantine.

With no solution to this crisis at hand, our consumers have gotten busy with the next best thing. Their phone. By the looks of it, online is the new offline, where families jam, unite, converge and hold themselves together as the world goes through this unprecedented period. And this is where brands have to come too to be heard, to get noticed, to stay relevant.

At times like these, when preserving health keeps the world under lockdown, people tend to indulge and explore content like daily soaps, the late-night news, the regular family jam. And in times like this its familiarity of these things that give us hope that soon, life will be the way we once knew it


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