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Nov 21st


Nov 21st


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With over 560 million internet users, India ranks as the second largest online market in the world. The number of people consuming content digitally is expected to grow in the years to come. Increased availability of bandwidth and pocket-friendly data plans are the reasons why India has one of the highest digital consumptions in the world.

There has been an exponential growth in the online gaming industry. The spike in 4G connections and broadband services has drastically increased the average time spent by people on their devices.

Snackable gaming has become an on-going trend in the online gaming industry and has attracted a lot of brands in the recent times. With COVID-19 keeping everyone at home, smartphone usage has gone up by 1.5 hours on a daily basis. Connected devices viewership has tripled due to in-home consumption as well. This includes entertainment of all kinds, OTT content and games. Though social distancing is keeping people away, it doesn’t take away the need to stay connected. Hence with current life under lockdown, gaming satisfies social pacification that Indians seek from entertainment, in current situations.

Brands have been adopting gamification as a method to reach out to their target audience. Similarly, they have also started leveraging on snackable games. These games have made it easy for brands to track key metrics like engagement, targeting and completion rates. It has also helped brands to communicate with their audience while they engage with ads and will help in longer retention of users on the platform.

While ZEE5 has users across all age groups, women are our main target audience. Partnering with us will help you target your potential customers who are the key buyers of every family.

Snackable Games on ZEE5

Play5 – one of the intelligent tools of ZEE5 Ads – is designed to interact and engage the consumers. Given, that our target audience is primarily 18-35, men and women which is skewed towards women, these are the users with the maximum disposable spend capacity. Also, it has been calculated that gamified marketing has an 80% higher engagement rate as compared to others. Below are some of snackable games designed for this target audience from GameLoft that are available on our platform:

The ad inventories at your disposal for these games have a wide variety; you may choose from video banners, motion interstitial ads, forms, mini games, motion posters, video stories and much more.

How does this help your brand?

ZEE5 offerings include instant snackable games and games based on popular content. This is why gamified content has up to an 80% engagement rate as compared to non-gamified content. Adding a gaming portal to ZEE5 platform engages more gamers which enhances brand awareness and loyalty.

With ZEE5 Ads and specifically Play5, consumers of different age groups will now have an experiential interaction with your brand as compared to regular advertising, thereby helping your brand attain more visibility.

In current times, leveraging on snackable games is a new gateway for brands to reach out to a larger audience.


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