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Aug 20th

ZEE5’s journey towards becoming a super app

Aug 20th

ZEE5’s journey towards becoming a super app

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ConTech.Ed – A Knowledge Series by ZEE5, highlights key trends in entertainment, media and advertising industry. Each topic is addressed by a domain expert who shares insights into the industry and ZEE5.

Creating a super app for a complete consumer experience

Having created a strong base in originals and regional content, LIVE news and movies, ZEE5 is now expanding its reach in other formats. It’s on the journey to become a super-app by offering everything under one umbrella, and it is harnessing the power of data, content and technology to become India’s first super-app.

Shwetha Iyer, Head of Marketing, UGC and Gamification, ZEE5, is a business and marketing leader at the intersection of technology, telecom and entertainment. A seasoned professional with 18 years of experience in advertising followed by key roles at IBM and Vodafone, she is currently at the helm of the new initiatives at ZEE5 including kids, gamification and user generated content (UGC). In her presentation, she focuses on the key steps ZEE5 has taken to deliver a super experience to the consumer with its super app.

For an enhanced digital experience and superior user engagement, ZEE5 has partnered with Applicaster, a SaaS-provider that leads in simplifying the production, delivery and management of direct-to-consumer media applications. The partnership aims to improve and update the ZEE5 app interface to cater to the evolving preferences of their 76.4 million viewers.

Hypershorts (now HiPi) is a part of ZEE5’s journey towards becoming a super app. “The younger audience is entering this entire phase where they are looking for 15 seconds of fame” said Shwetha. She also added “ZEE5 Kids, Play on ZEE5 and HiPi, these 3 projects pack in a whole bunch of features where people can consume content, interact with celebrities, earn money, earn points, gift points etc. Through a whole bunch of these features that go above just consumption of content, makes ZEE5 on its way to becoming a super app”. To add a layer of engagement and interactivity to the platform, ZEE5 will expand short form content along with gamification while originals, shows, movies etc will continue to remain ZEE5’s main point of interests.

Along with best entertainment, the younger users also get access to educational content through a recent partnership with Eduauraa – a premier digital learning platform. This partnership will provide world class online education at an affordable price, empowering over 300 Mn students.

Shwetha also touches upon the processes in simplifying the production, delivery and management of direct-to-consumer media applications.


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